Invest in your first impression so that your audience will want to invest in you

Consumers want to hear from experts like you, but you'll have a hard time growing if you aren't able to communicate your thoughts simply and in an aesthetically pleasing manner. First impressions are important, and your clients/customers/readers won't see your value if they're turned off by stream-of-consciousness copy (words on a page), typos, or an unprofessional-looking logo. 

Take a step forward. Focus on your specialty and let someone else take care of the rest. 

Logo Design

Want a rebrand? Starting a new site? Creating a memorable and simple logo provides lasting value that will help you to stick in the mind of your audience. 

Here are some examples of the logos I've designed:

Custom Logo Design
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eBook PDF Design

Have ideas and content for an eBook, but need help making it look good? I can help with anything from simple formatting to custom photography. 


Need someone to translate your ideas into laymen's terms? Need some freelance blog writing? As a professional marketer, I have over 5 years of copywriting experience, in addition to 3 years of blogging experience. 

Copy Editing

Just want someone to check your grammar and make sure your piece makes sense? I can help with that too!


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