10 Podcast Episodes to Listen to While You Run

I don't know about you, but I'm logging a lot of miles these days (52.5 this week). I spend a significant amount of time pounding the nearby sidewalks. Sometimes, I go without my headphones -- I focus on the crunching gravel beneath my feet and the pace of my breath. Sometimes, I listen to pump up jams like Sylvan Esso that make me forget how awful hill sprints are. And sometimes, I listen to podcasts -- mostly for recovery runs and long runs, when I don't need to pay attention to the task at hand. 

If you've never tried running with a podcast, you're in for a treat. I find that it makes time go by faster. You get invested in the story, and if you find one of an appropriate duration, it makes you want to keep going to finish the story. 

When I listen to music on long runs, I find myself counting songs and grumbling over the fact that I have to find another album to listen to mid-run because I finished the first one. This would probably work better if I created playlists or put my music on shuffle, but frankly, there is some music on my iPhone that isn't run-friendly. I'm looking at you, Heather Waxman's meditation songs album. 

I know it's not a system for everyone, but I figured that if it works for me, it might work for some of you. So let's get to it. Here are some great podcasts. 

Rich Roll Podcast

Rich's podcast is pretty much entirely interviews with intense/impressive people. Sometimes, It gets a little too new agey for me, but other times it is just fantastic. I've listened to the below two episodes multiple times, including during my Brooklyn Half Marathon. 

The Well: Boulder, CO

This is my new home church (and Matt's new place of employment), so I definitely subscribe to their podcast and listen to any sermons I miss. The below sermon was actually given by our worship pastor. As someone who has personally dealt with serious anxiety, I really needed this perspective and have listened to the sermon multiple times.

Final Surge Podcast

Coach shoutout. I don't subscribe to the Final Surge podcast, but I obviously wanted to be sure to tune in when my running coach was on! Neely talks race goals, coaching, etc. 

The Village Church

You really can't go wrong with the Village Church sermons. So much organized wisdom to be had. But this one in particular has been really important to me over the past year or so. I've listened to it probably 5 times. 

Ask Me Another 

This podcast is amazing for distraction. It's a game show and it gets your mind in the game and trying to answer questions instead of thinking about how much your legs ache. They're pretty much all good, but I especially like these two. 

The No Meat Athlete

These guys aren't the most organized podcasters -- they ramble a lot -- but I like their dynamic. It feels like a casual conversation rather than a polished episode. Regardless, this episode is pretty motivating. And will make you feel great if you did, in fact, wake up at 5am to run that day.

The Delightful Life

Jennifer could talk about anything and I'd listen. Her voice is really soothing to me. I pretty much always skip her Disney/kids episodes, as they're not relevant to me in this stage of my life. But her lifestyle ones are really uplifting and helpful. 

What are some of your favorite podcast episodes?