100-Day Stretching Challenge


Want to increase your flexibility significantly in a matter of months? Try my 100-day stretching challenge today!

You're going to spend some time working on 3 splits and on forward fold. These stretches are foundational for an advanced yoga practice. For example, it is much easier to gracefully get into handstand if you can do a full standing split (combining forward fold and a side split).

Check in and send progress pictures on Twitter and Instagram with #SSEStretch100 and tag me @SweatStretchEat.

How it works:

** Make sure your body is warm before you stretch. Stretch after your cardio workout or do 25 jumping jacks or tag these stretches onto the end of your yoga routine. Just make sure you aren't trying to get into the splits cold. Do a couple of lunges and preparatory stretches before you go right into it. Here's an example of a splits stretching routine from Blogilates.

Each day, practice your standing and/or sitting forward fold, as well as your right, left, and center splits. You will see the hold time to the right of the table. Ex. for days 100-91, hold each final stretch for 1 minute (with several warm up stretches before).

Consistency is key, so try not to skip days. Yes--it's going to be uncomfortable and some days you totally won't want to do it, but it will be so worth it on January 1 when you can see results!

You in? Comment below and follow me on Instagram -- @SweatStretchEat. You can use the hashtag #SSEStretch100 to check in.

Let's do this.

@msmammamia's progress photo
@msmammamia's progress photo