#100bySummer Tracking Sheet

#100 by summer

I've found that for myself, it helps me reach my goals when I write stuff down. I need to be held accountable and be able to see my progress - how much I've done and how far I have to go. Tone It Up challenged all of us TIU girls to 100 miles by June 21 (the start of summer). That averages to 2.5 miles every day. And it doesn't just have to be a walk or a jog.

"What counts towards your 2.5 miles a day? You can walk them, jog, bike (biking counts for 1/3), stairmill, elliptical or swim them (swimming counts for 3x)!!!! Dancing? An hour dance class counts for 3 miles." - K&K

I'm going to count Insanity as part of my miles. If dancing counts, surely Insanity does too, but I'm also going to try to run more often.

Here's a little tracking sheet to help you reach that 100 miles:


Download the PDF here: 100bySummer.