12 Ways to Live a Happier Life

  1. Pray - simply ask God for a more joyful heart. He wants you to live in joy, so He will give it to you!
  2. Read scripture - Learning more about and being reminded of the cross, redemption, and God's promise is hugely encouraging (to say the least). It helps put things into perspective, and to see where we should really put our joy.
  3. Count your blessings - Literally or figuratively -- whichever works for you -- count your blessings. Maybe write them down. Remind yourself of the good things in your life.
  4. Express gratitude - Be thankful and let people know about it. Be thankful for everything; be over-the-top thankful. When you appreciate what you have, what you have appreciates in value.
  5. Choose to be optimistic - Even if you initially think that a situation is overtly negative, try changing your perspective. Look at all sides. See challenges as opportunities for growth. See rejection as a learning lesson. We're constantly growing, maturing, and learning. And trials help us to do that.
  6. Avoid over-thinking and comparison - Comparison is terrible for your heart. It leads to envy, jealousy, and other things that happy people sit in. Try to be the best you can. Work hard, and give it your all.
  7. Commit to your goals - Goal setting is a good thing to do no matter what, but it can also help you lead a happier life. When you have goals, you have a purpose and a direction. You can envision yourself hitting yoru smaller goals and then moving on towards your larger ones. Having goals and sticking to them boosts your confidence!
  8. Be a good friend - Happy people build support systems of deep, meaningful relationships around them. They have people to laugh and cry with. Having good friends makes all the difference, and what's the easiest way to attract high quality friends? To be a good friend. You reap what you sow with this one.
  9. Forgive - Harboring unforgiveness hurts you more than anyone else. It's horrible for your well-being and it breeds negativity. It's okay to be mad when someone wrongs you, but don't hold onto that. Be mad and forgive, again and again.
  10. Take care of your body - As Elle in Legally Blonde informed us, "endorphins make us happy!" Exercise produces those sweet endorphins! Being fit and healthy boosts self confidence and it leads to less doctor's visits. Exercise and eat real food.
  11. Slow down - Meditate. Journal. Wonder. When you stop rushing through your life, you will be amazed how much more life you have time for, and how many more things you will enjoy. Be present, and chill out.
  12. Put your talent to use - Everybody is good at something. Nurture your God-given talents with practice and persistence. Find ways for you to use your talent in a way that brings other people joy.

What else would you add to this list? Comment below!


Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.1 Thessalonians 5:16-18