15 Things That I Get Way Too Excited About

1. Beating Winter


When I go outside on a really cold day, I feel awesome if I'm still warm. With my coat, gloves, hat, scarf, long johns, I can beat any cold weather! Like a baws.

2. She Reads Truth

I'm totally obsessed with this app. It is so helpful for anyone who struggles with regularly reading your bible. I've never been so regular. I'm doing the Bible in a Year plan, and it tells me what passages to read each day, allows me to check them off when I'm done, and shows me my % completed. Sometimes I read straight from the app, although I prefer to read in my actual Bible. 

3. Checking things off my list


Sometimes I even add things to my to-do list that I've already completed just so that I can check them off and feel good about myself... 

4. Getting the perfect food measurement

Even though I'm not tracking macros anymore, I'm still making sure that I get a good amount of protein each day (If I don't pay attention to this, I'll end up getting basically no protein because I don't especially like eating protein). I love when I put my chicken on the scale and it's immediately the right number. I don't have to add or subtract anything, it's already the perfect portion. Win.

5. Lift-off 


Arm balances and inversions are so funny because you can try and try and try, continuously failing/falling for months. And then one day, it just clicks. Those "click" moments are so amazing.

6. Cake batter scented/flavored things

I love cake batter candles, cake batter chapstick, cake batter protein powder ... all of it. 

7. Productive dates with friends


When I have a common hobby with a friend, I absolutely love productive dates. Whether we're meeting up at a coffee shop to talk blog stuff, heading to the gym to pump some iron, or practicing photography during our lunch break, we're able to have fun and get stuff accomplished at the same time. Everybody wins!

8. The sound of crunchy gravel/snow under my feet

I often don't wear headphones when I'm running, simply because I want to hear that crunch beneath my feet. For whatever reason, it makes me happy. In the midst of this huge city, that sound makes me feel connected with the earth below me. And for whatever reason, I think it makes me feel tough. 

9. Dog Art


I love dogs. I squeal every single time I see one walking around the city. And I love dog art. I want to be a dog art collector/creator, sorry Matt. 

10. Surprising myself with physical ability

I get really pumped when I go into a physical challenge with really low expectations and then I blow my expectations out of the water. For example, as you guys know I'm training for the Brooklyn Half. And while I've run marathons before, it's been years and I've lost a lot of my endurance. Well yesterday I had to run 5 miles, and because of the crazy wind, the treadmill was really the only option. I hate running on a treadmill. For me, the mental game is so much harder. I told myself I'd try for 5 miles and probably end up capping it at 4, and running at a much slower pace. Well guys, I ran 5 at an 8 min pace (my goal pace for the race). I was so incredibly proud (and exhausted)!

11. Gains


Yup, I like developing more muscle. 

12. Watching snow out my window

I love seeing the flurries blow in the wind from the warmth of my apartment. This is my first real winter, so I've been such a 5-year-old about the snow!

13. Quest bars


Yum. Pretty much all the flavors, but especially cookie dough and cookies and cream.

14. Protein pancakes

There are so many different ways to make these delightful things. And you get all the protein of chicken without having to eat chicken! I like trying out new recipes and experimenting with different flavors. 

15. Lazy Sundays


I love having time on Sunday mornings/afternoons to just sit in my pajamas and catch up on reading blogs, sip some tea, and pet my dog. So wonderful. And I love that we get to watch the game with friends tonight. Such happy. Many football

What things do you get really excited about?