2014 planning starts now!

2014 Planning Starts Now

Hey guys! I hope y'all had a very wonderful Christmas full of time with family, love, and cheer! I hope you also allowed yourself to splurge a little bit with Christmas cookies and yummy foods. I know I did!

Today, however is the day after Christmas, which for me marks the beginning of planning for 2014. I like to use this time in between Christmas and New Years to set goals for myself and to begin establishing good, healthy habits for the new year (you don't have to wait until the first!)

I'm giving you some homework. I want you to sit down, make yourself a cup of tea and write down your goals by the 31st. I will be posting my goals on Monday the 30th, so feel free to check in with me that day in the comment section of my blog.

I found a great resource last year for goal setting -- Unraveling the Year Ahead. Susannah Conway has provided this printable free of cost on her blog. It will take some time and thought to complete it, but I really think you will find it worth your time. It begins by helping you to reflect on 2013, then goes through goal-setting for 2014, and then it goes beyond that. Check it out!

If you don't want to go through all 25 pages of that, you can just skip ahead to writing out your goals.

Either way, lets start planning for 2014 today!


Ps. What do y'all think of my new makeup from Tarte?