2015 - Year in Review

I just got used to saving all my files at work with the MMDD15 nomenclature, and now 2015 is over. Here's to accidentally saving a bunch of files with the wrong year next week! Haha

2015 was such a whirlwind -- lots of ups and downs, highs and lows. I did some goal-setting at the beginning of the year, and I achieved some of them:

  • Be able to squat and deadlift 135lbs with good form
  • Travel to Boston and Vermont
  • Get into a regular rhythm of hiking trips (around once a month, weather permitting)
  • Run the Brooklyn Half Marathon
  • Diversify my fruit/veggie intake
  • Buy a nicer camera lens
  • Take some photography classes
  • Start selling products/programs on my blog
  • Move closer to the subway and closer to work

There are others that I didn't achieve:

  • Get my splits -- hardly practiced them at all to be honest
  • Help Morton to be friends with other dogs again -- nope
  • Read the entire bible cover to cover -- stuck to it through the OT and then fell out of habit
  • Stick to IIFYM for the entire year -- was really off and on
  • Add more plants to my home -- in achieving the last goal on the list above, we moved into a garden unit apartment that gets basically no natural light (all my plants died)
  • Launch an ebook -- didn't get around to it

And then there are some things I didn't  even know that I could accomplish this year that did happen:

So overall, I'd say the year didn't quite go as planned, but I grew a lot and learned a lot about myself. I'd still call that a win. 

How was your 2015? Did you reach your goals? What were you able to accomplish that you didn't expect to be able to do?