24 Things for My 24th Birthday!


It's my birthday!! I thought I would post something fun and not fitness/health related (per se). So here are 24 facts about me:

  1. Matt and I will celebrate two years of marriage on March 11.
  2. Dorky pleasure = stories about knights, kingdoms, dragons, etc. I love that type of fantasy genre.
  3. I'm obsessed with Tarte Cosmetics. They are not tested on animals, they're chemical free, they're beautiful, and they smell amazing!
  4. I'm not a big fan of spoons... in general. Unless they're tiny spoons-- then they're cool.
  5. I went 15 years without eating meat, but now I've added chicken and fish back in. You can read more about my decision to stop being vegan here.
  6. I LOOOOOVE hot tea. Here are some of my current favorites: Private Selection Sweet Cinnamon Spice, Tazo Refresh, Tazo Awake English Breakfast, Celestial Sleepytime Vanilla, and Teavana Youth berry/Orange blossom.
  7. I was in marching band in high school -- on the drumline. Does that make it slightly cooler?
  8. I faint every time I get a shot. My mom says it's something called vasovagal syncope. It happens to my dad and brother too. I think that's why I passed out after I fell off the treadmill last month too.
  9. Yes, I did (partially) switch gyms because of the treadmill fiasco.
  10. I have an older brother named Madison. He was born the year before the movie Splash came out, which was the year that every little girl was named Madison.
  11. Matt and I's next dog will be a puggle (like Kathryn Budig's Ashi) named Gus. Gus and Morton will be BFF.
  12. I have a bad habit of starting books and never finishing them.
  13. I'm going to try to do all of my Christmas shopping on Cyber Monday next year. I'm all about not having to go to the mall during Christmas season.
  14. I really want to try to see if skyping someone in to play a board game (specifically Settlers of Catan) would work out. I love board games and a lot of my friends live far away. Worth a shot, right?
  15. My fitness journey began with long distance running (I ran the Houston Chevron full marathon in 2010). I then started doing yoga to prevent running injury and fell in love. Then I started lifting weights to build up enough strength to do the more difficult yoga postures and fell in love with that.
  16. I follow entirely too many people on Instagram. It overwhelms me sometimes because I want to see every post.
  17. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ. That's the same one as both Mother Theresa and Adolf Hitler. Not sure what that means...
  18. I play piano and sing in my church's worship band.
  19. Iron and Wine is my go-to bubble bath music.
  20. I'm auditing one of Matt's seminary classes this semester. It's called Soteriology -- the theology of salvation.
  21. I'm definitely a morning person. Just give me a plate of scrambled eggs and a cup of black tea and I'll be chipper as can be! Also, I normally go to bed around 9pm... haha
  22. I wish I could just not have a car. Dear Houston, please create a subway/light rail system that spans the whole city. K thanks.
  23. I get really mad at myself when I forget to wear earrings-- even to the gym. I don't like the way open holes look. Yuck.
  24. I love creative things: writing, photography, painting, stained glass, etc. I'm not an "artist" but I dabble.

What do I want for my birthday? I want you to all subscribe to my new new YouTube channel -- I created a new one under my blog's Google + page, so make sure you're subscribed to the right one!