25th Birthday Weekend Recap


Wow! This week flew by -- thanks, Juno -- and it's FRIDAY again!!

Last Friday was my birthday, and I wanted to share a little recap of birthday weekend with y'all. That k?

Matt and I both took the day off work so that we could have a relaxing morning/afternoon and then leave for Hunter Mountain before dark. 

We started the morning by knocking out the important stuff - I went for a 4-mile run and then we went to the gym to lift weights. 


After that, we headed over to my very favorite bagel shop: Bagel Factory in South Slope. Our friend introduced us to this place when we visited the city in 2013, and we fell in love. They're bagels are consistently really fresh. And I appreciate that. 


Matt and I split an everything bagel with regular cream cheese, and guys - I think this was the best bagel I've ever had. I'm not sure if it was better seasoned or if it was fresh out of the oven or what, but gosh it was good.

We sipped some coffee and trolled around South Slope for a little while. It was pretty cold, so we didn't walk as much as I had originally planned, but that is totally okay.


I'm not entirely sure what is going on in this mural, but isn't it lovely?


Next stop: Lobo in Downtown Brooklyn. This is the only good Tex Mex restaurant that I've found in the city. They provide FREE chips and salsa (most places make you pay for it here and then charge you for refills) and they have great queso. 


Every holiday and special occasion I get a little bit sad that I'm so far from family. Obviously being 26 hours away from them isn't ideal, but that's how it is right now. We're pretty good at keeping in touch by calling and Facetiming our parents, but we could definitely be better at it. 

But since I couldn't do the tradition of going to PF Changs with my parents and getting Crispy Green Beans + Broccoli and Chicken, this little slice of Texas was kind of nice.

Lobo is owned by Texans, which is evident in their decor as well as their menu.


This was only our second time at Lobo - we don't eat this kind of food often because it's not healthy, but as a treat it's great. 

I ate half of my chicken enchilada dish (ate too many chips, as usual). 


We headed home, finished packing for the weekend, let Morton out one more time (we had friends watch him over the weekend), and then headed upstate. 

On our way out, we made a pitstop at Ample Hills - the most delightful ice cream shop ever. These were the biggest "1-scoop" bowls I've ever seen, but I enjoyed every bite of my buttery maple pecan. 


We ate our ice cream in the car (parked) and then continued the drive.


Taylor Swift dominated our road trip music, and I am absolutely okay with telling you that haha.


It took us over 4 hours to make a 2.5 hour trip because of traffic. By the time we got to the cabin, it was dark and we were still pretty stuffed from Lobo. We had a Quest bar and a banana and then chilled until our friends arrived.

My sweet friend Katie was one of the first to arrive, and she greeted me with birthday hugs, a birthday sign, birthday protein brownies, and a really thoughtful gift. Lord knows I'm thankful for the friends he has blessed me with in the city.

I was pretty tired that night, so I played some games and chatted a bit, but I was the first to bed. I'm a grandma and I'm also an introvert, so staying up late with 15 other people around is really hard for me.

For example, I didn't have a drop of alcohol but I made the mistake of calling "1 eleven" in the card game BS (there is no 11 card... Jack comes next), and I also mistook a club for a spade. Ha. I was just really tired.


In the morning, Matt and I woke up early to have a normal breakfast of 1 egg + 3 egg whites each, while chatting with people who were making breakfast for everyone.

Everyone else woke up and dined on this yummy spread. We laughed and joked around for a little bit and then they headed out to ski.


Matt and I were the only ones to stay behind; we decided to just relax and plan to hike. We cleaned up all the breakfast stuff and then spent some time in awe of the beauty of our surroundings. I mean... look at this place!!


So magical! This was my first time seeing snow like this, so I was totally geeking out. 


We packed up and went to hike Black Dome Mountain, which was quite difficult in the snow and ice, but we had a really good time with lots of laughter and awe of God's creation.


Once we finally got back to the cabin (seemed like an eternity later), we made a very "bro" late lunch, and then spent some time reading before everyone else got back.


That night was much more chill than the first night. I played a couple games of pool, but spent most of my time chatting with people. We all went to bed relatively early, which was lovely.

The next morning, we woke early, made our breakfast and packed all of our stuff into the car before most people woke up. We figured it would be difficult to carry our stuff to the car through a sea of 15 other people trying to carry their stuff to their cars. 

We stuck around for a little bit to talk to people and say our goodbyes, and then headed back home to Brooklyn.


Overall, it was a wonderful weekend full of love, good food, and adventure. I'm excited for my late 20s. I think that life continues to get more and more beautiful each year.