26: Blizzard Birthday

Talk about a birthday to remember! I have never seen this much snow in my life, much less all of it coming down in 24 hours!!

New York City got around 26 inches of snow on my birthday -- Thanks, Jonas! I'm feeling really thankful for my friends after this weekend because they braved the storm to celebrate me. We had brunch at one of my favorite spots in the city (Black Forest) and then headed over to Fort Greene Park for hours of sledding. 

Sledding was a blast, although my knees are solid bruises today and my lower back is killing me. 

After sledding, we defrosted at a german beer garden in Park Slope. We played board games and drank hot mulled wine. Matt actually beat the basketball game's high score 3 times and won himself free beverages!

We headed home in the afternoon to let Morton out and shovel in front of our apartment. Then we actually walked 45min through the storm to get to our friends' apartment for more board games and fun!

It was an absolute blast. One of my best birthdays yet.