30-Day Challenge: Halfway Done!

This is my checkin for the halfway point of my 30-day challenge. To be honest, I get mad at myself on a daily basis for creating this, but since I made a schedule, asked others to join, and committed to this, I'm finishing it. The competitive nature in me will not let me bail. So here's how I've done so far (keep in mind that I am keeping up with my regular weight lifting routine on top of this): 15 days in


Yes, I do have a minor concussion. I was trying to learn how to do backflips on a trampoline and face planted on the padded part that covers the springs. Ouch! I went to the doctor thinking that I might have broken my nose and found out about the concussion. He said I should feel normal again and be able to run and do headstands by the end of the week.