30-Day Splits Challenge


splits challengeI've been "trying to get my splits" for about a year now. The fact that they look like the below picture proves that I have not been practicing them every day. I'm challenging myself (and any of you who want to increase your flexibility) to a 30-day splits challenge. During this challenge, I will practice my splits every day after my cardio - it's better to practice flexibility on warm muscles. You don't want to pull anything. Also, you may want to use a mat and fold the mat underneath your knee for extra cushion.



How to practice your splits without hurting yourself

  1. Warm up your muscles - this can be a run, bike, or 30 jumping jacks - just do something to get your blood pumping
  2. Prep stretches
    1. Low crescent - knee to the ground
    2. Hamstring stretch - sit back, lift your toes off the ground (heel down) and fold over your front leg
    3. Repeat both of these a couple times (holding for 30 sec each time)
  3. Slide into the splits - if you are higher up than me, you may want to stack some blocks next to you to put your hands on for support or maybe two chairs
  4. Switch legs and do steps 2-3 on the other side
  5. If it hurts past the point of a stretch, come out

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