4 Simple Happiness Hacks

Inspired by this post on KaylaintheCity.com

Sometimes, life just kicks you in the butt (especially if you choose to live in NYC), and as much as you want to just push on and keep accomplishing things, you just don't have it in you. 

If I've learned anything over the past two years, I've learned that self care is really important. Sometimes, that might mean canceling plans. Sometimes it may end up with you alone on a Saturday night. But it's nothing to feel "lame" about. For your survival as a human being (as opposed to becoming a work/eat/sleep zombie), you have to prioritize your mental health. 

Anyways, here are 4 things that I've found to be really helpful in boosting my mood:

Look at cute photos of puppies on Instagram

I know, I know, I'm like a crazy dog lady broken record, but seriously... how could looking at cute puppies NOT put a smile on your face? Here are some of my favorite accounts: @morton_thedog (my sweet boy), @marniethedog, @oakley_aussie, @dailydougie, @thunderbumblethenewf, @golden.tucker, @remixthedog, @wigglebuttpack, @regandoodle, and @frenchiebutt.

Go for a run/Go to the gym

If exercise is therapeutic for you, this could be a great way to make you feel happier. I know that on days when I'm feeling bloated or just feeling down on myself, a solid run changes my entire mood. I come back from outside feeling renewed and strong. 

Mandating "offline" hours

This is something that I actually don't do yet that I think would help tremendously with my stress levels. I often feel like I have to be "on" for my entire day. I wake up and check social media, knowing that I'll need to head to work, where I can't be on my phone much. Then I'm on my computer all day at work. On my walk to the subway and during lunch, I'm back on social media. When I get home, I'm at it again and I'm writing blog posts or working on client plans. It's just go go go all the time. I'd really like to plan for a several hour period every week where Matt and are are both completely "offline." I want to be off my computer, not watching TV, and have my phone turned completely off. 

Turn on some Iron and Wine and ease into a bubble bath

When all else fails :)

What little things do you incorporate into your life when you need a happiness boost?