5 Things That Make Me Really Happy Right Now

I feel like I'm in the grouchy stage of my third trimester these days. I don't like being super negative all the time, and I don't want to only ever talk about negative stuff. Thanks to the beauty of the internet, I discovered some new blogs to read this week. One of the blogs I found and immediately followed was A Lady Goes West who posted a blog recently titled Three Things That Are Totally Making Me Happy Right Now, which inspired this post. 

So instead of complaining about back pain and not being able to run, let's spend today thinking about happy stuff. K? K.

1. Walks with Morton


Since I have officially quit running until this baby is out of my body, My cardio is now mostly long walks with Morton (he's not complaining). We have open space behind our house and trails that go on for what feels like an eternity. I'm so thankful for our location. I can walk as long as I want without ever having to cross roads or interact with traffic. It's amazing.

It's also becoming more and more of an actual workout for me to just walk. I used to never consider walking a workout because, relative to my rigorous running schedule, it felt like nothing. Well, now walking up the hill behind the back of our neighborhood gets me breathing hard. I'm thankful for the ability to still get around, and that we've had such sunny weather. 

2. Zoodles with Pesto


FYI: Zoodles = zucchini noodles. You use a spiralizer to cut/shave zucchini into noodle shapes. 

Since being diagnosed with gestational diabetes, I've had to reduce my carb intake. It's tough, because I love carbs (who doesn't?!), but thank goodness for things like zoodles. No, they're not the exact taste and texture of spaghetti, obviously, but they're a great substitute. I've especially enjoyed making pesto zoodles. I actually look forward to eating it. 

On my Trader Joe's run this week, I bought a huge thing of zucchini for zoodles. 

3. Baby's Room


I'm sure you already saw my nursery tour, but I'm still googly-eyed about it. Sometimes, I like to just sit in the glider and think about our son. I like reading books to him, hoping that he can hear me through layers of tummy/amniotic fluid. I'm so obviously pregnant these days at 33.5 weeks, but I still have to remind myself of the reality that we're going to be parents very soon. We're going to have a little boy. After all the woes of pregnancy/delivery are over, we'll be left with a precious new family member. It helps me to think more about him and less about how uncomfortable I am. He's going to be worth it, I can tell, because I already love him so much.

4. Checking Things Off My Google Keep Lists


If you know anything about me, you know that I love lists, and productivity tools. I recently started trying out Google Keep. While I still prefer Evernote for notes, I've really enjoyed Google Keep for lists. I use it for shopping lists and to-do lists. I love that when you check something off, it crosses it out and moves it to a lower list of checked items instead of just getting rid of it. There's something so satisfying about being able to see all the things you have completed. It makes the lists feel less overwhelming. 

Currently, I have a list for things to do before baby, a list of cleaning chores, a list of things I still need for my hospital bag, and a Target shopping list. 

5. Plant Friends


I am not a big spender. I prefer to be frugal, but I have no problem spending money on fresh cut flowers and green plant friends for my home. Having plants everywhere makes me so happy. They just add so much life to our home. I also really enjoy the flower bouquet selection process -- which flowers feel seasonal? Which make me smile the widest? 

And maybe it's the mothering instinct kicking in, but I've enjoyed figuring out where my green plants are happiest in our home. I don't think I naturally have a green thumb, but I'm learning by paying attention to signs that my plant friends give me. We get a lot of good light in our home, so my plants are doing pretty dang good!

What things are making you happy these days? Leave me a comment below!