A Water Bottle for the Chronically Dehydrated Person

Please enjoy ^^this no-makeup, air dried hair, blousy maternity shirt photo of me and my new water bottle. :)

My running coach/friend Neely bought me this useful piece of tech for my baby shower this past weekend. A little backstory for that -- after every race, Neely and I reassess my goals. Obviously, I want faster times and better fitness, but I almost always say that additionally, I know that I need to be drinking more water.

That just goes to show you that I struggle. It's not that I spend my day drinking other things like coffee or soda. I just forget to drink anything. I get in the zone with work or with whatever I'm doing for the day, and all the sudden it's 4pm and I haven't had anything. 

I've tried tracking apps where you input your water intake after each bottle you finish (too much work). I've tried the Nalgene system (I just don't stick with it). I've tried a bunch of things, and I always end up drinking like 32oz for an entire day. Terrible, I know.

I've been doing begrudgingly better since getting pregnant, because I'm afraid of hemorrhoids and I know baby is dependent on my water intake too. But I knew there was still room to improve.

Anyways, in addition to a few more typical baby gifts, Neely gifted me this Hidrate Spark bottle. I've been using it every day since the shower and I LOVE it. It's like a passive aggressive bootcamp coach that "yells" at me when I haven't been keeping pace with my water intake for the day. 


How It Works

The bottle has a sensor that syncs with your phone via bluetooth and tracks when you drink/when you refill. It sends you peppy push notifications when you're not keeping pace. As you see in the screenshot below, the white line of dots is where I'm supposed to be at that time. If I'm not quite there yet, it'll notify me to drink more. 


My favorite part is the passive aggressive blinking light. When you're really behind, it'll actually blink at you to get your attention. You can change the settings on that and you can change the way it blinks. I think it's hilarious and really helpful.

So if you're in the market for something that'll help force you to drink enough water, check this bottle out.