Applefest 2014


Matt and I have been really looking forward to going upstate during October. For our first weekend of October, we made a quick trip up to Warwick, NY for their annual Applefest. The trees are starting to change colors, and the weather yesterday seriously couldn't have been better -- perfect fall chill, high of 64F. 


The drive was very picturesque. We crossed the Manhattan bridge into Manhattan, left Manhattan through the Holland Tunnel, and cut through New Jersey on our way to Warwick. It's funny how it takes less tim to get to upstate New York when you cut through Jersey. 

Anyways, the first part of Jersey was pretty lame, if you ask me. Lots of parking lots and shopping malls. It felt like a more chilly version of Katy, TX. 

As we dove further north, the scenery changed quickly. Northern Jersey is gorgeous, full of lush trees, mountains, and valleys. The road up to Warwick was small, and it winded through forests and between lakes. What a pleasant drive!


We got to Warwick towards the tail end of the festival, so we didn't have to deal with the paid parking lot or shuttles. We just parked on a neighborhood street and walked over. This town is so cute, I'd love to go back on a weekend that is less crowded. In fact, my parents would probably LOVE Warwick... maybe I should take them there next time they come visit.

The festival itself was very crowded. I can't imagine how crowded it was during the pie baking competition! We walked through to look at all the booths, listened to some live music, shared a cup of hot cider, and indulged in a piece of fresh, organic apple pie. 


The normal food at the festival was not incredibly tempting, plus we both wanted to sit and get away from the crowd. We walked down the main street and I pointed at a sign that said "Fetch."

OOH! Can we go in there? Maybe they sell puppy birthday treats... cuz, you know, Morton's birthday is in about a week!

When we got closer to the shop, it ended up being a restaurant. This restaurant was right up my alley. There were pictures of puppies everywhere. It was awesome. The restaurant supports local shelters and helps get dogs adopted into loving homes. 

I enjoyed a grilled chicken sandwich, and several glasses of water. I'm so glad we stopped there. Turns out, they also have a NYC location on the Upper East Side. We will have to check that one out too!

Since we had a 2+ hour drive home (tunnel traffic is crazy), we headed back after dinner. Matt and I had multiple theological discussions during the drive about Lecrae's new Anomaly album -- it's so good, both musically and lyrically.  

We were surprised with a random firework show while we were crossing the bridge back into Brooklyn. How happy!


What did you do this weekend?