August Faves 2015

August has come to and end, and before I hop right into September mode, I wanted to appreciate a few things that got me through the muggy month that just ended.


Health-Ade Kombucha

This brand of kombucha was a local grocery store find. I have tried and disliked a bunch of kombuchas in the past -- they have a distinct flavor. This one is actually pretty yummy and still packed with all the happy gut stuff that the icky ones have. I don't drink the whole bottle at once. Just like 2-3 oz in the morning. And the bottles are really cute. I'm probably going to use one as a fresh flower vase in the near future. I actually don't think they're selling it online yet, but you can see if your local store carries it using their find a store tool

Sole Society "Oversize Millie" Tote

I am completely obsessed with this bag. This type of bag is a complete must-have for people in New York City. When you're here, you'll notice how many people carry big totes. That's because we don't drive places, and when we're out all day for work or on the weekend, we have to carry everything we need with us (no trunk storage). This bag is super cute and my style, it has lots of compartments, and it's really affordable for a tote. 


Is it just me or do cucumbers taste so much better in the August heat? They're crazy refreshing, and they are really low on calories. I could eat these little babies all day. Nothing fancy here, just good ole fashioned green stuff.

Pom Tango Iced Tea

I stumbled upon a David's Tea shop on my walk home from the train in Brooklyn. They lured me in with a free sample of this tea iced. This is my favorite fruity iced tea that I've had all summer. You can make it hot too, but I think it's much better cold. And it's actually on 40% off right now on their site. 

Cellucor Whey Protein

This is my current go-to protein: Cellucor's Cookies N Cream flavored whey protein. It's low carb/fat, high in protein, and has Not to mention, it tastes awesome - even when just combined with water (which is how I normally take it). Don't forget that if you use my discount code (SSE) on Cellucor's site, you can get 20% off!

Reduced Fat String Cheese

I'm not loyal to a brand on this one. I try different stuff, and honestly they all taste similarly yummy. Find the one at your store that has the best macronutrient ratios (high protein, lower carbs/fat) to get the most protein-per-serving ratio. I like snacking on these at work when I need a little protein boost. And since it's cheese, it's a happiness boost too! Because the macros are so good on these, I've been pulling them apart and putting them on sandwiches and tacos too sometimes.

Siggi's Icelandic Style Yogurt

I just discovered this stuff in August. It's like greek yogurt, but better. It tastes really good, has a nice texture, and has a great protein to carb ratio. I have it at least once a day. Not all grocery stores carry it, but you can by cases of it on Amazon (see link below).

That's it! What have been some of your favorite things over the past month? And what are you looking forward to in September?