Baby McGahen: 14 Weeks


How far along: 14 weeks + 1 day

How big is baby: the size of a peach!

Best moments this week: trying out maternity pants for the first time!

How I've felt in my workouts: I've been experiencing some significant lower back pain, in general, so that has kept me from pushing myself too hard and led me to skip workouts a few times completely. It's a sporadic pinching pain in my upper glute/low low back on the right side. It's not constant, but it hurts almost like a charley horse when it happens.

Symptoms: stuffy nose, nose bleed, lower back pain

Cravings: Still mostly carbs of all kinds -- sweet carbs, salty carbs, starchy carbs. All of em.

Aversions: Still can't think about eating or cooking eggs. 

Favorite meals this week: Grilled salmon salad

Gender: I feel like most of my old wives tale things line up with baby being a girl, but we still don't know. We will be happy either way and are working on a short list of potential names for both genders.

Things we bought for baby: Not for baby, per se, but this week, we booked all our stuff for our little friend trip/babymoon in the pacific northwest this June!

Bump: Still feeling like I don't look normal, but I also don't look pregnant. I just look like I ate too much chips and queso all day every day. I'm not wearing maternity clothes yet, but my regular clothes are definitely starting to fit weird. My chest feels like it has doubled in size and my waist has definitely expanded, despite only having gained 4lbs so far.

What I was doing this time last year: Unpacking boxes and getting settled into living in Colorado! Matt and I had our one year anniversary of being in Colorado on the 15th! So crazy.

What we're up to: With our floors finally finished, we're trying to finish off a few things here and there so that we can plan a housewarming/gender reveal party!

Prayer Requests: We should be getting the results back from my prenatal blood screenings this week that test for chromosomal disorders, downs syndrome, etc. So just prayers that all of that comes back looking good!

Last Week of Workouts:

  • Monday - Chest Shoulders Triceps + 20min bike outside
  • Tuesday - Nothing, had a bad day
  • Wednesday - Ran 4 miles
  • Thursday - 30 min walk
  • Friday - Legs + 15 min stairs
  • Saturday - Back & biceps + 15 min elliptical
  • Sunday - Planned to run but took a 3-hour nap instead ;)