Baby McGahen: 24 Weeks


How far along: 24 weeks + 1 day

How big is baby: the size of a Atlantic puffin or cantaloupe (my app estimates 11.8 inches and 1.3lbs, but my doctor told me he was 1.3lbs two weeks ago, so I'm sure he's bigger than that now)

Coolest developments: Apparently, this week marks a viability milestone! If baby were born today, he'd have a 50-70% chance of survival. Sorry to get political for a second, but thinking about that breaks my heart a little bit because in the state of Colorado, you're allowed to get an abortion up to 26 weeks, at which point the baby has a 90% chance or survival. As I've been thinking about this little guy more and more as a human who is rocked to sleep by me walking around, has memories, can hear my voice, does flips and turns in my tummy, etc., I get more and more sad about these laws.  

Best moments this week: People have gotten to the point where they're confident in assuming that I'm pregnant. I got a free bookshelf from a local Facebook buy/sell page, and when I showed up, the woman looked at me, said, "oh, you shouldn't lift this," and went to get her husband and her neighbor to lift the bookshelf into my car.

How I've felt in my workouts: Pretty good! No complaints

Symptoms: Runny nose, breathlessness, dry shoulders (random), back pain -- same as last week

Cravings: Nothing memorable

Aversions: Any kind of eggs other than scrambled whites with peanut butter

Things we bought for baby: We took a trip down to Ikea to get a dresser and a closet shelf unit for baby's room! And I put it together while Matt was at work on Friday because I got off work early.

Bump: Friends and strangers keep calling me "beautiful." I'll take it.

What we're up to: Enjoying a little breather on this holiday weekend

Prayer Requests: For both of our moms. I think they're stressed out about planning showers and sad that we are so far away from them (they live in Houston). So just that God would give them peace and help them to feel loved by us even when we are states away.

Last Week of Workouts:

  • Monday - Jillian Michaels workout #1
  • Tuesday - Jillian Michaels workout #2
  • Wednesday - 
  • Thursday - 1hr Spin Class
  • Friday - Jillian Michaels workout #3
  • Saturday - 1hr Bike Ride
  • Sunday -