Baby McGahen: 25 Weeks


How far along: 25 weeks + 1 day

How big is baby: the size of a prairie dog or cauliflower

Best moments this week: We painted the mural in baby's room!! Photos and tutorial coming soon!

How I've felt in my workouts: Out of breath, but not bad.

Symptoms: Rib pain. I guess everything is getting bigger to where it doesn't fit in my ribs anymore, so they're really sore.

Cravings: Frozen yogurt. Or one of those tubs of flavored ice that you get at a football game. Do you know what I'm talking about? They come in lemon or strawberry usually.

Aversions: Nothing new. Regular eggs are still gross to me.

Favorite meals this week: We went to our favorite restaurant in Erie for an expensive, but delicious dinner to celebrate Matt's 29th birthday. I ordered mushroom and asparagus gnocci.

Things we bought for baby: We have 3 baby showers in Texas coming up and we've asked our guests to ship things directly to us, if possible. The gifts have started arriving, as have the omg-its-so-cute tears. This week, we got baby's diaper trash can & a "That's Not My Puppy" board book.

Additionally, I pre-ordered this gorgeous diaperbag from Freshly Picked on Kickstarter!

Bump: Motherhood Maternity was having a crazy good sale last week (50% additional taken off sale items), so I got several items for really cheap! I feel much more confident/pretty in maternity clothes than in regular clothes.

What we're up to: With baby's mural painted, the room is pretty ready to get set up. We're hopefully picking up a hand-me-down crib from some or our friends this week.

Prayer Requests: That baby would grow into a kind, service-oriented, thoughtful human being.

Last Week of Workouts:

  • Monday - 40min walk + back/biceps
  • Tuesday - Carried Ikea boxes up stairs
  • Wednesday - 40min walk + legs
  • Thursday - 
  • Friday - Chest/triceps + 30min bike
  • Saturday - 2mi run
  • Sunday -