Baby McGahen: 26 Weeks


How far along: 26 weeks + 1 day

How big is baby: the size of a slow loris, bowling pin, kale, or butternut squash (I feel like all those things are very different sizes...)

Coolest developments: Baby has eyelashes and is starting to be able to open his eyes

Best moments this week: My friend Ashley and I went to spin class, but the instructor didn't show. Apparently, he was in Mexico and forgot to get a sub. So all the ladies who showed up for class decided to commit to getting our workout in. One woman put on her playlist and we all did a choose-your-own-adventure indoor ride. It was surprisingly fun. After every song, people would cheer and shout encouraging comments. So funny.

How I've felt in my workouts: Great! Feeling more energized, surprisingly

Symptoms: Bloody noses -- what? why? So much. 

Cravings: Froyo

Aversions: Eggs still

Things we bought for baby: More stuff purchased for our shower is coming in -- we got some blankets and a wubanub!

Bump: Freaking out that my stomach won't be able to get back to normal after this guy arrives. Also, some stretch marks just appeared on my chest cuz those things are growing out of control. 

What we're up to: Matt's on a work trip to Nashville this week. I want to spend some time organizing things in our garage better so that we can easily access stuff we have for baby, like his stroller and car seat.

Prayer Requests: Contentment with bodily changes.

Last Week of Workouts:

  • Monday - Fullbody cardio
  • Tuesday - Chest/Back
  • Wednesday - 2mi run
  • Thursday - 1hr bike
  • Friday - Legs + 30min walk
  • Saturday - Biceps/Triceps + 45min walk
  • Sunday -