Baby McGahen: 30 Weeks


How far along: 30 weeks + 1 day

How big is baby: the size of a zucchini, a motorcycle helmet, or a platypus - minus the tail (~15.7in, ~3lbs)

Coolest developments: Baby's little hands are apparently strong enough to hold onto things, like his little feet. Also, this isn't really a development, but it does freak me out a bit that we are less than 10 weeks away from his due date. I'm so excited to meet him, but I'm definitely afraid of his method of arrival.

Best moments this week: I loved my chill trip to NYC. Typically, when I go to NYC (I work remotely for a NYC-based company & fly back quarterly to be in the office), I try to hit up a bunch of my favorite spots, and I usually end up spending a ton of time on the subway trying to meet up with people. This time at 29/30 weeks, I just wasn't up for that. Props to the ladies who live and work in NYC while they're pregnant. You guys are amazing. NYC is hard, as is, but it's much harder as a third-trimester pregnant person. All that to say, I spent quite a bit of time in my hotel, and I went to bed before 10pm every night. It was kind of amazing. One of my favorite things about NYC is that you can order basically any kind of food to be delivered to your door. I definitely took advantage of that.

I did get to see a bunch of my favorite people while I was there too, which was really happy. And I did make a point to go for a walk in Central Park. 

Another really happy/fun thing was that my coworkers threw me a surprise baby shower. They had put it on my calendar as "PR Plan Discussion," so I brought my laptop with me to the conference room. Instead of a PR meeting, it was a bunch of my colleagues smiling at me and wishing me well. We filled out some baby-themed madlibs and opened presents. It made me feel really valued by my company that they would do that for me.


After getting home from NYC (at 2am), I was greeted back to Colorado with a final baby shower thrown by our local friends. Basically, I felt really really loved this week.


How I've felt in my workouts: Not bad, though I'm having to scale back even more on everything these days. Runs are not happening. Walks, stair master, and stationary bike rides are my cardio options. For strength training, my weights are continuing to get lighter and lighter. It's weird to see negative progression in this way, but I know it's natural.


Symptoms: Dry skin, bloody nose is back, generally feeling huge.

Things we bought for baby: After the Colorado baby shower, we were able to use gift cards to buy all the remaining essentials -- the baby monitor, the Ergo 360, and a bottle cleaning brush. I washed and sorted all of baby's wardrobe, so other than a few final things that will be delivered soon, we're pretty much ready to go. Just waiting on our little guy to arrive.

What we're up to: Getting a quick breath of normalcy before my best friend comes in town for a few days and Matt leaves for NYC for a bachelor party. If you know me at all, you know that I thrive in routine. I love adventure and seeing friends, but when it feels too back-to-back, I get stressed out. After this week, we will pretty much be home and in a normal routine for the foreseeable future. We won't have visitors for a while and just we have just one more quick trip (drive) to Breckenridge in September. I've loved the travel and friends we've had over the summer, but I'm also looking forward to getting some good normal-life time before baby.

Prayer Requests: Good health for me & baby

Last Week of Workouts:

  • Monday - Chest/Shoulders/Triceps + 30min elliptical
  • Tuesday - Bodyweight leg workout
  • Wednesday - 45min walk (in Central Park)
  • Thursday - Easy "HIIT" workout
  • Friday - 
  • Saturday - 
  • Sunday -