Baby McGahen: 32 Weeks


How far along: 32 weeks + 1 day

How big is baby: the size of an armadillo (minus the tail), a plastic scooter, or a head of lettuce (16.6in, 3.75lbs). Although, I went to the obstetrician last week and they said baby was measuring a week behind, so he might be a little smaller than that.

Big news from this week: I found out that I have gestational diabetes. I can post more about this later, but suffice it to say, apparently, you can be otherwise healthy and fit and still get GDM.

How I've felt in my workouts: Determined. With the recent diagnosis of GDM, I'm really trying to stick to my plan and not skip workouts. Though my workouts are a much lower intensity than I would do if I weren't 8 months pregnant, they still feel challenging for me now. I've officially decided to stop trying to run. It hurts too much -- my lower back (sciatic nerve issues), and my belly just can't take it.

Symptoms: Heartburn, general discomfort, difficulty sleeping, tons of baby hiccups/movement

Things we bought for baby: I don't think we bought anything this week, but we're in the market for a glider/recliner chair, so if you have a recommendation for one that isn't a million dollars, let me know!

What we're up to: Eating at home pretty much exclusively and trying to figure out what my GDM diagnosis will mean for me for the next 8 weeks. 


Prayer Requests: That my body can handle normal, healthy foods without the help of pharmaceutical therapies. Also, please be praying for my family & Houston. Harvey is flooding me with worry for my family's safety -- pretty much all of both mine & Matt's families are in the Greater Houston area.

Last Week of Workouts:

  • Monday - Legs + 0.5 mile run + 30min elliptical 
  • Tuesday - 30min walk
  • Wednesday - 30min bike
  • Thursday - 20min walk, Back & Biceps, 30min elliptical
  • Friday - 2hr hike (Eldorado Falls)
  • Saturday - 1hr walk, Chest/Shoulders/Triceps
  • Sunday -