Baby McGahen: Catching Up on the First Trimester


This has been such an exciting/amazing, and difficult secret to keep. Finally being able to share makes it feel more real.

pregnancy tests

The Test(s)

Yep. Plural. I'm a chronic over-thinker, so obviously I took 4 tests and still didn't feel like it was real. I took THE test in early February. I sat in the bathroom staring at the test with squinty eyes. Did I do it wrong? What does it mean if the line is really faint? I googled a bunch of images of tests and a lot of girls who were super excited had fainter lines than me. I walked into the living room slowly, still staring at the stick, and held it out to Matt with a confused look on my face. 

"Wait... are you pregnant?" he said.

"I think so? I don't know. It's really faint, but according to the internet, that's common initially."

I went to a Galentine's Day slumber party that night and brought another test with me to check again the next morning -- another really faint positive. When I got back home, I showed it to Matt, freaking out, "I think I actually am!"

Pregnancy is so weird at first, because you don't feel like you're pregnant, and you're not supposed to tell anyone about it. I made an appointment at my regular doctor for her to double check, expecting her to do a blood test or something more "factual." She just asked me to provide a urine sample for them to do the test themselves. 

"Yep. Let's find you a OBGYN," she said. Side note: I've been seeing my doctor in TX this whole time because I don't like starting over with such an awkward relationship. So I had to find a new doctor in Boulder.

She told me I was just 4 weeks along and that the OBGYN wouldn't see me until I was 8 weeks. That's SUCH a long time to have to wait for it to feel real. We told our parents and some of our close friends, even though in the back of my mind, I was still thinking maybe the doctor did the test wrong too. So, I took another one -- one of the digital ones that says "PREGNANT" in clear type. Yep. I guess I really am.

First Trimester

  • Symptoms: My first trimester hasn't been the most pleasant, but it's not as bad as other people, from what I've heard. I've had pretty chronic nausea since week 6 or so, but haven't actually thrown up. My doctor actually prescribed Diclegis to me when I told her that it was making work awkward, when I felt like I was going to puke while on a conference call. I got off of that at week 12, when I started to experience some relief. Another major symptom has been irrational exhaustion. I've had too many days where I sign off my work computer at 4pm and get straight in bed. I've also had some serious acne breakouts on my face, back, and chest.
  • Food Cravings: Cheetos, Bluebell Ice Cream (Dutch Chocolate), oatmeal cream pies, pickles, basically all sorts of carbs
  • Food Aversions: EGGS -- ugh, just thinking about them makes me want to puke. Yogurt has been hit or miss. 
  • Working Out: Gosh, it's been really hard. The exhaustion makes it super difficult to rally myself to do anything. But I also just get out of breath really fast, and have felt some cramping while running (when I feel that, I immediately walk). Starting in week 11, I started getting a bit more energy and have been regularly going to the gym to lift and do some sort of cardio for 30-45min. I always try to run, but often it ends up being the bike or elliptical. 
  • Emotions: Anxiety, for sure. But I guess that's pretty normal all the time for me. I stress about choosing the right stuff, about money, about miscarriage, etc.
  • Bump: My pants definitely have been feeling more and more snug, but I don't think that anyone but me would notice a bump.
  • Weight Gain: 4lbs
  • Books: What to Expect When You're Expecting | Yeah, Baby! | Waiting in Wonder
  • Notable moments: hearing the heart beat for the first time (definitely cried) at my 8wks appointment, somehow getting a PR at the Woodlands Half Marathon at 7wks, seeing baby squirm/wiggle at my 12wks appointment.