Baby McGahen Due October 2017


As you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging as much lately. That's because I hate secrets, and I felt like it was hard to honestly write about anything without talking about pregnancy -- it affects every part of my life!

Though just the size of a lemon right now, this baby has already brought us immense amounts of joy.We could not be more excited about this tiny little baby, due October 22!!

Catching up on the first trimester

How we decided to start trying

Infertility is a real thing, and my parents tried to have kids for 8 years before having my brother. They tried all of the available options for helping conception and none of it worked for them. By the grace of God, they had my brother and then two years later were surprised with little me. All that to say, I've always had the worry in the back of my mind that maybe I wouldn't be able to have kids -- especially if I started trying later. At the same time, we absolutely knew it wouldn't be smart for us to try while Matt was in school. 

Matt graduated last August, while I was in the heat of training for the NYC Marathon. I knew that I wanted to race that race and, if I qualified for Boston, I wanted to run that race in 2018. We decided to make some very #BoulderAverage plans & give ourselves a window of opportunity after NYC to try to conceive, but if it didn't happen by March, which would allow 5-6 months for post-baby recovery/training, we'd stop trying until after Boston. I honestly did not think it would happen, but knew that conception is one of the most out-of-our-control things in life. 

Knowing that we have so little control of something has been really good for my heart -- both with trying to conceive and trusting that everything is okay in between doctor appointments (which are 4 weeks apart right now). I'm such a control freak, so it's been a good challenge to work through trusting God with this baby.

We also knew that people always say, "If you wait until you feel 100% ready, financially/emotionally, to have kids, you'll never start trying." By no means are we rolling in cash these days, but without a huge tuition payment, it's much more feasible to be able to afford childcare.

We found out in early February and have been dying to tell everyone we know. I hate secrets. And I love exciting news!!