Baby Shepherd: 1 Month Update


Previous Updates: 1 Week | 2 Weeks


Weight: 8lbs 11oz

Length: 21.25 in


We're still on the same feeding schedule. During the day, he eats every 3 hours and then at night, I let him wake me up (still usually around every 3 hours). We have had a few great nights where he went from 9pm to 2am. We definitely celebrate those nights, which are few and far between. And we also had one night where he woke up every 2 hours. Not sure what that one was about. 


He's more alert during the day. When he's awake, he's actually awake. It's cool to watch him curiously look at things. For some reason, he has a hard time going to sleep after the 9pm feeding, before we try to go to bed. That one, specifically, is always hard. 

How I'm Doing

Other than the obvious sleep deprivation, I'm doing great! I'm feeling more physically strong, and I'm so ready to get the green light from my doctor to start working out again. 

Lessons I've Learned in Month 1

  • Change diapers quickly (have everything you need out and ready). This makes it less likely that he will pee on you/the wall/everything
  • Always keep a spare outfit or two next to the changing table in the bedroom. In the case of a blowout or a pee fountain, it's much easier to have that ready to go.
  • Loosen the car seat straps all the way every time you take him out. He doesn't like putting fitted car seat straps on.
  • Sleep is more precious than gold. When you can, take naps during the day while he sleeps. 
  • Cluster feeding is a thing. Sometimes he wants to eat every 30min for a few hours. 
  • The grocery service where you can order online and pick up without getting out of your car is a lifesaver, and definitely worth the extra $4.
  • Sometimes he cries for no reason at all, and you just gotta let it happen. 
  • The first everything is terrifying (first time in the car, first trip to the pediatrician, first bath, first night time feeding at home, etc), but it gets less scary every time. 
  • I would get a Baby on Board sticker for my car for the sole purpose of explaining to the people around me why I'm taking that turn so slowly. 
  • Pumping isn't just for the baby. It's also for you. Sometimes it hurts if you just skip nursing/pumping.

I'll close out with a bunch of photos I took of Shep when he turned 1 month old!