Baby Shepherd: 2 Month Update


Previous Updates: 1 Week 2 Weeks | 1 Month


Weight: 11lbs 7.5oz

Length: 22.5in


I switched to exclusively nursing when I can and then only pumping when Matt's home alone with him or if I plan to drink alcohol. I did this partially because it makes each feeding so much faster and partially because pumping and nursing every 3 hours created a massive over supply of milk. This made Shepherd drown in milk when he nursed (I had to lay on my back to feed him so that gravity wasn't making it worse) and it caused a lot of discomfort for me. 

It's so much better now. He nurses for 20-30 min, every 3 hours during the day and then he wakes me up at night when he's hungry. 

Here's his normal schedule:

  • 7am wake up (I tell him good morning and turn the sound machine off) + feed
  • 10am feeding
  • 1pm feeding
  • 4pm feeding
  • 7pm feeding (depending on how alert he is, we try to put him to bed after this one)
  • 10pm feeding
  • 3am feeding

We don't stick to that schedule rigidly, but we try to follow it as best we can, while being responsive to his hunger cues. If he's hungry earlier than 3 hours from the last feeding, I go ahead and feed him, and then take note that he probably didn't get a full feed at the previous one. 


He's doing really well, especially for being premature. He cries for 5 or so minutes when we put him down for bed, but then he settles and falls asleep. He's just been waking up one time in the middle of the night, which is awesome. Sometimes, he whimpers in his sleep, but he's not actually awake. We just let it happen and he stops after a few minutes. His hunger cry is different and much louder.

When he's extra cranky but doesn't actually need anything, we've been letting him cry it out a bit. My rule is that every 15min of him crying, we pick him up and comfort him and then put him back down. We don't have to do this very often at all (he mostly cries when he needs something or he'll stop after just a few minutes), but that's the rule we have in place for when it happens.

During the day, his periods of sleep are getting fewer and farther between. He doesn't sleep between every feeding anymore. That means I'm reading him a lot more books and singing songs to him.

How I'm Doing

I got clearance to do any sort of workout I please at my 6 weeks postpartum appointment. Since then, I've been going for casual runs, lifting weights, and going to Camp Gladiator bootcamp classes. With running, I don't know if I was expecting to feel like my uterus was going to fall out of my body or something, but I just feel out of shape -- the same kind of feeling I would have if I had taken 6 months off of running and not had a baby in the middle of that time. That's much better than I expected.

I'm just running when I can for about 30min at an easy pace for now, but I'll start getting serious about training for Boston around the second week of December or so. 

I do think that I have been fighting some blocked milk ducts these days, but usually massaging the spot that hurts in a hot shower helps and makes the pain go away. Other than that, nursing no longer hurts, so that's been a major positive change.

Lessons I've Learned in Month 2

  • Take advantage of the time that he's asleep. He doesn't sleep as much during the day, so when he goes down, I try to do things like shower and nap and eat and blog.
  • The three of us are a family of our own, and we have to make our own rules and traditions. It's been fun thinking about what Christmas traditions we want to add now that we have a little one.
  • To get rid of an oversupply caused by pumping, gradually reduce the amount of time you pump each day. It will be uncomfortable for a bit, but it will get better. 
  • Everyone loves babies and wants to touch them. You have to set your own boundaries to protect your baby. Whether or not people agree with your rules, they have to respect them. 
  • I'd rather sit on the couch with my baby sleeping on my chest than do basically anything. I won't be able to do this forever, so I want to enjoy this time that I have with him while he's little.
  • Talk to moms whose babies are close in age with yours. While having friends/family who have kids that are older than yours is nice, they've likely forgotten a lot of the details (especially if it's been decades). I love talking with moms who are still in the nitty gritty of the newborn phase, as well as moms whose babies are under 1 but are more active (to see what I have to look forward to).
  • You can order Thanksgiving dinner from Whole Foods. The food was delicious and it was so nice to not have to stress about cooking (This was our first Thanksgiving spent outside of Texas. We will be here for Christmas too, but we are used to that and actually enjoy a quiet, simple Christmas at home).
  • You will cry more than he does every time he gets a shot. Also, nursing him after getting a shot calms him down real quick.

I'll close out with my 2-month-old photo dump!