Baby Shepherd: 4 Month Update

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I apologize for my lack of posting and the fact that this one is 2 weeks late... It's tough being a working mom! I don't like sacrificing the little bit of post-work baby time that I have to sit at my personal laptop. For the time being, my posting will likely be sparse. I do want to get back to posting more about fitness and running and recipes, but that is just not the season of life that I'm in right now. Thanks for bearing with me. 


Weight: 14.1lbs (19th percentile)
Length: 25in (40th percentile)

Eating & Sleeping

His eating and sleeping is pretty much the same as it's been. He eats every 3 hours or so (seems like about 4oz), and he sleeps 7-11 hours at night. He has had more nights in the 7hr range than last month. I think he might have started teething, so he's been a bit more fussy these days. 

How I'm Doing


I am working on some really fun, creative projects at work right now, and am getting positive feedback/encouragement on the quality. That feels really good! 

Working Out

This last month was kind of a wash with working out. I had a really bad cold for 2 weeks, and then all of us got a stomach bug the following week. So I did just one postpartum run workout (hill sprints) and then wasn't able to do much more for 3 weeks. This past week, I ran a few really easy & short runs during the week, and just went for it with my originally planned long run for the week. My legs are definitely still sore from the 12 miles on Saturday, but it gives me a bit of confidence to hit that first double digit run since baby, especially with Boston being less than 3 months away at this point. 

Lessons I've Learned in Month 4

  • Sometimes babies cry because they're sleepy. It doesn't make a lot of sense, because you'd think they would just go to sleep if they're sleepy. But sometimes they need a little coaxing to realize that's why they're upset.
  • Being sick when you have a baby is BRUTAL. There was a few moments when I'd be nursing Shep in bed and I'd have to sit him down next to me while I threw up in the trashcan I had by the bed. It was an exhausting mess. But we survived! And thankfully, he was the least sick out of all of us. He never had a fever and he only threw up 3 times. I was a hand washing crazy person that week. 
  • As your baby gets older and doesn't have to be woken up to eat anymore, planning things in the morning is much harder. No way am I going to wake my baby up at 4:30am so that I can get in a 5am workout. I'm going to encourage him to sleep till 7am so that he doesn't build a habit of waking up at 4:30am. Usually, if he wakes up on his own really early, I'll go for a workout immediately after he's done eating. If he sleeps in, so do I. If I really need to do a morning workout, I'll pump before I leave and leave a bottle with Matt in case he wakes up while I'm gone. But that means Matt can't get a morning workout (which he prefers). It's complicated, but we are figuring it out. 
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