Bayou City Art Festival

bayou-city-art-festival-memorial-park-2014-97 Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of going to the Bayou City Art Festival with my in-laws. This annual event is held in Memorial Park, and this year they had over 450 artists showcased.

The festival is just this weekend (March 28-30, 2014 | 10am-6pm). We parked at the Northwest Mall and rode a [free] shuttle over to memorial. There's another shuttle that picks up downtown.

bayou city art festival

First thing we did when we got there was grab some food from the food trucks set up on site. Food trucks are hard because I'm pretty sure the main premise is to make the food as unhealthy as possible. I found an organic PBJ at The Golden Grill, and it was actually really yummy. They toasted the bread like they do their grilled cheeses, and they used homemade blackberry jam!


Words can't express how cool some of these artists are. Seriously, you need to see some of this stuff in person to truly appreciate it. I'm no art critic, but let me highlight a few of my personal favorites:

Mixed Media

imageKatherine Allen-Coleman from

Katherine's signature style is mixed media with a focus on fabrics.  I think her concept is so creative. She adheres dresses to canvas and makes them the centerpiece of her art. She also utilizes paper and embroidery. She's an artist married to an artist, and their home base is in Georgia. Her stuff is so stinkin' cute.


Tiffany Ownbey from

Tiffany is another mixed media artist who specializes in paper mache. She does both 3D and 2D art, and my personal preference is her 2D animal pieces made from beautiful vintage/recycled paper. I mean… come on. Just look at that puppy on the right!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.23.50 PM

Jennifer and Joseph Worth from

These two categorize their work by city: Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and San Francisco. They take gorgeous photos of city landmarks and turn them into functional items like dog tags, cutting boards, and coasters. We're looking into buying one of their Houston Heights cutting boards.

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.30.35 PM

Cynthia Broom from

Cynthia is a Houstonian who collects wine bottles from local restaurants and up cycles them into super yummy soy candles. They smell so amazing. My favorites were the mimosa and the cabernet.


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 8.50.21 PM

Christopher Alan Smith from

Christopher draws these gorgeous maps by hand-- in pen! He's a former graphic designer turned artist. This guy is clearly a Texan through and through, because almost all of his work is Texas-related. And guys, it is crazy high quality. My husband, the history buff, couldn't stop staring at his Texas Revolution map.



Carlos Montanaro from

Oh my gosh, I'm obsessed with this steampunk jewelry! This guy collects antique watches from all over the world and turns them into beautiful jewelry. I would totally rock this necklace.


Christine Hartsock from

My in-laws bought me one of Christine's ultalight, glass-bead bracelet (yup, that's actually my hand). She told me that if the fishing wire string ever frays that I can ship it back to her in Santa Barbara and she will fix it for me. Talk about customer service! Her jewelry was so pretty, and really affordable.



Wayne Trinklein from

Wayne's stuff is nuts. His sculptures look like real life bonsai trees. But they're better than bonsai trees because you don't have to water them! Ha! You have to stop by his booth in person because online photos don't do his work justice.


There are so many more amazing artists out there this weekend. It's completely worth the $15 entry fee -- even if you don't buy anything. It left me feeling inspired to create my own art.

Bonus: it took us over 3 hours to walk the whole thing, so we got a little bit of exercise in :)

Who else is planning to go this weekend? If you went, who were your favorite artists?