Being the Health Nut in Social Settings


I don't know about you, but I've found that it is hardest to make healthy choices when it seems like everyone is against you. This week is challenging because, unless you are making the meal yourself, Thanksgiving is lovingly prepared for you by someone else. And you don't want to be rude by turning your nose up, but you also don't want to gain 10lbs in one week. 

Holidays, camps, dinner parties, etc. They're all a challenge if your organizations, friends, and family aren't as concerned about dietary habits as you are. 

So for all of you who are worried about Thanksgiving dinner or about work happy hours, here are my tips for making the best of these situations:

1. Bring healthy food

If you're going to potluck-type meal, you can make sure that you bring some kind of lean protein and cheese/bacon-less vegetable dish. This way, you know that if you can't find anything else that is remotely healthy, you can at least eat what you brought. For my work socials, I normally bring a full meal. I eat it right before the party starts, and then just socialize while everyone else is eating or snack on something small. 

2. Eat before you come

Sometimes, I like to eat a little something before I come to holiday meals. That way, you're not ravenously hungry when the pie comes out, and you can just get small portions of decadence. 

3. Cardio

It's so tempting to be lazy about workouts when you're on vacation or visiting family, but you should really stick to it - especially because of the holiday food. I suggest going for a long run the day of your social meal. That way you can fit the extra carbs into your macros. 

4. Find a healthy buddy

For family gatherings, I have Matt to stick it out with me and to hold me accountable. For work, I'm kind of on my own - which is much more difficult. Try to find someone else who is going to the gathering that eats well. Y'all can stand firm together!

5. Eat a really healthy, macro-rich breakfast 

Make sure your other meals are high protein and lean. You want to make sure that you are still meeting your protein requirements for the day and that you are still getting your micronutrients from fresh veggies. You shouldn't have a hard time getting carbs and fat at social gatherings, but getting a good amount of protein can be more difficult. Eat really well for the rest of the day to balance it out.