Bible Reading Plans for 2014

Bible Bookmark

I finished reading the New Testament today!! That was one of my 2013 resolutions, and I am finally able to cross it off my list (cutting it close, I know). I posted on Instagram about it today and noticed that you guys had a lot of interest. I know that it's a little early for New Year's resolutions, but I wanted to make sure that I provided this resource to you guys before January 1, just in case you need it. I've made two Bible reading plans that you can start in 2014. I will personally be reading the prophets because I just finished the New Testament. You're welcome to whichever one you want!

If you click the link to the PDFs, you can print them out double-sided and use them as a bookmark in your Bible. I like to laminate mine with packing tape to make it a little more durable!

6-Month New Testament Bible Reading Plan - Spring 2014 (Bookmark) <--- PDF


This one has less content, so I was able to give days of rest on weekends and holidays.

If you do decide to follow one of these reading plans, let me know on Twitter, Facebook, and/or Instagram! I would love to walk alongside you as you read!

You can use the hashtags #SweatStretchEat and #SSEBibleStudy if you would like to check in that way.