BK Half Training: Week 4

Apologies for the delay! We just moved into a new apartment (yay!), and we just got WiFi. We moved to a new neighborhood in Brooklyn. And with a new neighborhood comes a new routine. This coming week is not going to be quite "normal" yet, as we are still straddling two apartments, moving smaller stuff between the two. 

Here's a quick little sneak peak of our new place:

I'm obsessed.

We canceled our old gym memberships, and are going to become members at the local YMCA probably tomorrow. 

Anyways, let's talk about last week. 

What I did (Week 4: April 13 – April 19, 2015)

Monday - Abs

I spent a good chunk of time studying for my Personal Training exam on Monday, and didn't make it into the gym. I did some abs at home, and gave myself a little grace. 

Tuesday - Run 3 miles

I just went for an easy run with Morton after work on Eastern Parkway. We took a little break at Grand Army Plaza to enjoy the lovely evening before running back to the apartment. 

Wednesday - Back & Biceps

I made it into the gym during lunch, and crushed back and biceps before informing the staff that I wanted to cancel my membership. Unfortunately, I still have to pay for next month. But I guess that gives me extra time to make transition to the new gym. 

Thursday - Run 4 miles

Another easy run. Morton is starting to build up more stamina and keep up with my 8 minute pace. He's getting into shape, guys!

Friday - Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

Another lunch break workout before my weekend trip. I left work early on Friday to hop on a bus for my church's women's retreat in New Jersey. I wanted to make sure I got all my upper body workouts in before the weekend started, because I knew I wouldn't be up for anything on Sunday after running 10 miles on Saturday. 

Saturday - Run 10 miles

I did my long run during our "free time" on Saturday afternoon at retreat. It was both lovely and really difficult. I enjoyed the nostalgia of the country run that I used to experience when I was training for the Houston Full Marathon while living in College Station, TX. Not to mention the clean air that I was able to breathe during this run!

The weather was surprisingly warm; I wasn't anticipating that. I headed out in shorts, a tank top, and sunglasses. I returned with an added layer of sweaty grime, some chafing between my legs and a minor sun burn. 

I had to go to the bathroom really badly during 90% of the run -- so difficult. I was in an unfamiliar small town in the middle of nowhere. I almost stopped at a gas station, but I decided to push through the discomfort to just get the run over with. It definitely slowed me down, but I managed to finish with an average 8:44 pace. Not too shabby. 

Sunday - REST

I took a long nap, unpacked a couple boxes in our new apartment, and really just took it easy.

Questions of the Day:

What did your week look like last week? What's the weather like where you live?