BK Half Training: Week 6

Good morning, and Happy Monday!

The weather in New York has been all up over the place. I never know what to expect when I step out the door -- I usually guess wrong. This week had it's ups and downs, I pushed myself harder than I have for the past month or so on weight training, but my runs were not that great. 

What I did (Week 6: April 27 – May 3, 2015)

Monday - Leg Day

I left my hairtie at home, and surprisingly was able to secure my hair up with just 2 bobby pins! We tried this workout at the armory YMCA, which has a laughable weight room and no squat rack. It's pretty interesting to try to improvise a leg day without a squat rack. I used a lot of dumbbells and did my leg curls on a bosu ball. After this workout, Matt and I realized that this weight room is probably not going to cut it for us. 

Tuesday - Ran 4 miles + Chest, Shoulders, Triceps

We tried the other YMCA in Park Slope on Tuesday, and while the layout is really weird (you have to walk through the basketball court to get to the free weight room), they had plenty of weights and 2 squat racks + 2 bench presses. We're going to transfer to this gym, most likely. I pushed myself on a chest, shoulders, and triceps workout, starting with bench press. And then I started my run straight out the door at the gym. 

Wednesday - Back & Biceps

I can tell based on my soreness that I haven't been pushing myself hard enough on weights lately. This was another solid free weights workout. 

Thursday - Ran 3 miles

I didn't keep track of my pace on this run. I just went out and did it. It wasn't a great run, but it wasn't terrible. The weather was nice, and the park was lovely. 

Friday - REST

After I got home on Friday night, I spent half of the evening preparing for the Lovely Happenings Event on Saturday and half of it studying for my NASM test. 

Saturday - REST

I woke up feeling really sick. I had planned to do my long run before leaving for Lovely Happenings event, but there was no way that was going to happen. I slept in and then prepared to head to Drift Studios in Chelsea.

I had such a great time sharing with all of the fashionistas present at the event that you don't have to starve yourself to be thin. And if you want to age gracefully, it's better for you to truly nourish your body. 

I made 100+ protein smoothie samples -- people loved them! And met a bunch of really nice bloggers. (More info and photos to come!)

Sunday - Ran 10 miles

I finally did my long run Sunday afternoon. I still wasn't feeling well, but I was too stubborn to skip my run. Looking back, I probably should have skipped it.

The run was not good. The congestion in my throat made me feel like I was choking at times. I had fits of coughing. I overall just felt really weak. I had planned to run 10 miles, but I was feeling so miserable by mile 9 that I decided to cut it short at 10 miles. 

I ran the first half of the run at a 7:45 pace -- The second half at an 8:45 pace. 

Everyone has bad days. Everyone gets sick. It happens. I'm not going to fret too much about it.

How was your week?