Blogs I Read + Daily Workout Log

Hey y'all. photo

I spent some time this morning catching up on Bloglovin (an awesome online platform that keeps me up to date on the blogs I follow). I wish there was WiFi access on the subways so that I could do my blog reading on my commute... hmmm.... maybe there is a way I can load the blogs I want to read before I go underground so that I can read them when I'm out of service... I'll think about that later.

What I read today:

As I was reading PB Fingers, I saw that Julie logs her workouts every day on a page of her blog. I thought that was a great idea. I get asked a lot about my weekly schedule and the types of workouts I do during a normal week, so I'm going to start compiling them all here as a sub page in the fitness category! This will also help me stay on track with my workouts and not constantly skip chest day or sprints ;)

Happy reading!