Brooklyn Half Pre Party


I can't believe it's already mid-May and that the Brooklyn Half is this weekend! Spring has flown by! The city is so beautiful and happy this time of year. It's almost like you can sense a darkness (winter) that has been removed from everyone's hearts. Maybe I'm being overly cheesy or maybe I'm just head over heels with this weather. 

I decided to pick up my race bib on the first day that it opened. I know it's going to be completely crazy on Friday night, and my community group meets on Thursday nights. I headed over to Pier 2 right after work and the crowds really weren't bad. I hardly had to wait in line at all. 

I'm in Wave 1, which starts at 7:00am on Saturday. I'm not sure if it's the fact that it might rain on Saturday or the fact that I'm insecure about my training because I got sick so many times this spring -- but I'm honestly kind of nervous about this race. I really want to nail a sub-8 pace, but I don't know if I can, especially if it's raining. 

I'll do my best and let you guys know how it turns out!


Pier 2 was such a scenic location to pick for the pre-party. Nice breeze, gorgeous sunset, views of the Manhattan skyline. Simply lovely.


They have a pretty good system set up. You walk in under the welcome sign, pick up your bib from the table with your race #, and then follow the path to get your picture taken, pick up your shirt, and then to check out merch and running supplies.


New York Road Runners leaders were giving race tips for runners -- both BK Half specific and general running. I listened to them talk about specific parts of the course for this weekend. 


In the tent, I received my bib, some safety pins, a map of the race with a race day prep list, a list of Brooklyn places to try out (coffee, restaurants, night life, art, etc.), 2 chap sticks, and my shirt. I decided to purchase an expandable belt for race day storage. I really don't want to check a bag, so I plan to pack light and bring it with me. After much internal debate, I decided to purchase a small thing of body glide. It might rain this weekend, and I've heard horror stories about chafing in the rain. The body glide was cheaper at the pre party than I saw it on amazon -- $7. 


Outside of the bib pick-up area, they have a little lawn set up with mini golf and live music, encircled by local food vendors. 


I was kind of surprised that, for a fitness-oriented/healthy event, the food they chose to sell was pretty unhealthy -- grilled cheese, ice cream, alcohol. 

I will admit that I had 2 sample servings of the amazing pie that they were giving away. Yum. #noregrets But I did go home to eat actual dinner.


Are you running this weekend? Have you picked up your bib yet? Do you feel prepared for the race?