Celebrating 3 Years of Marriage


Sorry that I've been a bit MIA lately. Life has just been a tad crazy -- winter has kicked my butt, but spring is finally peeking its head around the corner. We were supposed to escape the winter with a trip to Texas for some friends' wedding, but the snow trapped us here! We had to reschedule for another weekend. 

But today, we're celebrating love. And I thought it would be fun to share with you guys some of the biggest lessons I've learned in my first three years of marriage:

1. I tend to be really selfish

My natural reaction/impulse to any decision – big or small – is to meet my own wants/needs first. I have to go out of my way, mentally, to remind myself that I should always seek Matt’s good first. If we both just did whatever we wanted, our marriage would be really rocky.

2. Marriage should be built on mutual trust

Matt’s my best friend. I don’t keep secrets from him. I trust him with my secrets, my feelings, my money, my body, my life… It sounds crazy to a lot of people, but I think this is a huge asset in our marriage. We both really trust each other.

3. I should always be Matt’s #1 cheerleader

So many offices are riddled with gossipy women talking crap about their husbands. That mentality is so toxic. We should not be quick to point out our husbands flaws. Instead, we should talk them up. We should support them. We should encourage and love them, especially in a public situation. I view gossiping about your own spouse as extremely disrespectful and unloving. It can be really tempting to join in when everyone else is doing it, but don’t. Your marriage will thank you for it.

4. Everybody doesn’t think like me, including my husband

This is something that I’ve learned in marriage that has helped me with a lot of different relationships. We all tend to think that other people think the same way we do. More often than not, they don’t. And that’s okay. I tend to obsess over things and plan way in the future, and Matt is much more easy going. That difference is actually really good for our relationship. He balances me out.

5. Sex with your husband is pretty much always a good idea

I don’t think I need to go into more detail on this one.

6. Marriage is hard

We disagree on stuff. We feel bad about our self-centeredness. We get on each other’s nerves sometimes. That’s just natural.

7. Marriage is wonderful

Marriage is such a beautiful picture of love. When a husband loves his wife, and a wife respects her husband, it’s such an incredible picture of Christ and the church. The self sacrificing love is unmatched by any other human relationships I have on earth. The fact that I always have a buddy, a teammate, an encourager by my side is such a blessing. Find a spouse that loves the Lord, and you will find an immense amount of joy in your marriage.