Chest & Triceps - Gym Workout


Hi friends, Happy Thursday!

Today is like my Friday because I'm taking a long weekend this weekend! 

I'm excited to share another gym workout with you guys today. Earlier this month, I shared this killer leg day workout, and today we're hitting chest and triceps. 

This isn't some crazy workout that's going to give you man pecs. Don't fret about that. But it will keep your body balanced with your other workouts. Ladies, don't skip chest. Doing chest exercises will make your chest perkier and it will balance out the muscle that (I hope) you're building in your back. 

As always, lift heavy, but keep form at the top priority. If you can't maintain good form at the weight you're using, drop weight. 

Push yourself, and do your best, the backs of your arms will love you for it!