Chewing Your Food Like a Champion


Today's weight loss/healthy living tip is simple -- slow down and chew your food.

While it may not seem like it would make a big difference (I mean.. it's all going to the same place, right?), it really does. 

Wanna be a champion? Chew your food. 

You'll benefit in a number of ways.

Enjoying your meals

When you slow down to chew your food properly, you get more time to enjoy the rich flavors of your food. At your next meal, try sitting down and not giving yourself a time limit. Eating in a rush is not a good habit for weight loss because you end up eating more and feeling less satisfied. 

Take the time to savor your food. Sometimes, I like to act like a food critic when I'm chewing -- what distinct spices can I detect in my meal, is the food more juicy and crunchy, or soft and savory, etc? Notice the little things, and you will begin to appreciate even a simple meal more. 

Eating less

When you eat slowly, you give your body the proper amount of time to realize how full it is. Ever noticed how you sometimes don't realize you're crazy full until it's too late? That's probably because you ate too fast. 

Slow it down and chew. You'll end up eating less and taking in less unnecessary calories. 

Better digestion

Digestion begins before your food hits your stomach. It starts in the mouth. Chewing until your food is ground into little tiny pieces (rather than large chunks) will allow digestive enzymes to have the proper amount of surface area to function properly. The process of chewing also sends signals to your body, telling it how to prepare for digestion downstream. 

Chewing your food until it is in tiny pieces will help with the absorption of nutrients as well. 

I challenge you to really chew your food today.

Notice your level of fullness. Notice your food satisfaction level. Notice the comparative amount of food you ate (in comparison to a normal/fast meal). Let me know how it goes in the comments below!