Client Feature: Nicole

Nicole was my first client to sign up for the 12-week personal training + macronutrient coaching program. She just completed her 12 weeks, and I couldn't be more proud of her!

Nicole is a boss. She's a mom, a runner, a triathlete, and such a joy to work with. When Nicole started with me, she was eating a relatively low-calorie diet, especially with respect to how many hours she puts in each week training for her endurance endeavors. 

Her goals weren't weight-loss related, but rather performance related. She also expressed an interest in just learning how to change things up in her routine. 

I started her on a reverse diet -- going from eating 129g carbs to 158g carbs on rest days (and adding an extra 50g on her long run days). We did it slowly and she didn't gain a pound!

Here's what Nicole had to say at the end of the program:

"I love the tank top... My daughter laughs when I wear it to the gym, saying that's what I do best is run (sweat) and eat!! I definitely feel stronger in the gym. My upper body feels stronger and I can lift more. It is so important to me to have this balance as a runner! It has also helped to count macros and know what I can eat throughout the day to maintain a steady energy level and not feel exhausted. You have been such a great fitness inspiration to me and I am definitely referring you to my friends who seek extra help in the gym and kitchen.

I felt strong and solid this morning during my sprint triathlon. I have you to thank for weight training and guidance in the kitchen, as it has helped build my foundation of fitness. Excited to share that I came in 3rd overall for women and 1st for my age group for the Dallas Athletes Racing Best of the Best Sprint Triathlon! Below is a picture from the event and a before and after pic I took of my progress with your training program."

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