Coltivare: A New, Fresh Restaurant in the Houston Heights

And when I say fresh, I mean FRESH! Coltivare has a garden in their side yard with veggies and herbs.


Matt and I have been excited about this restaurant since the moment we saw them start gardening. How cool is it for a restaurant to have fresh from the yard herbs and veggies?!?!

To make it even more enticing, we found out that Coltivare is connected with Revival Market on Heights Blvd. They get almost all of their meat products from there. Revival is a fancy little grocery shop that has a deep commitment to and respect for locally sourced products from family farms.

We decided to try it out last Saturday as a pre-anniversary celebration.

It's a pretty small space, and they operate on a no-reservation, first-come, first-serve basis. Sounds like chaos for a popular restaurant like this, right?

Not really.

When we walked into the restaurant (remember: on a Saturday night) and asked for a table for two, they told us it would be about an hour and half wait. Yikes. Before we could give up and walk out the door, they told us about their system. They got my cell phone number and said that we could leave. They would text us when it was time for us to drive back.

Coltivare knows that their main customers live in the Heights, so this system is crazy convenient.

We went home, watched an episode of parenthood, and then got a text. While we were driving, they were cleaning off our table. So when we arrived, our table was ready!


Now, like I said, the space is pretty small. The tables are packed tight, but I didn't really mind it. The interior has a quaint, rustic feel to it. The tables are wooden and sturdy. They had all the silverware we could need in a little mason jar at our table. The water cups are grounded enough that they won't tip over, but the glass at the lip is thin and pleasant to drink from.

And I loved their rustic fabric napkins. I would imagine that people who lived on a ranch would have napkins like these.

The kitchen is open, so you can see what the chefs are doing. And you can see that they have a real, wood-burning, fire-and-everything oven to cook pizza in.


We had heard good things about the cauliflower, so we ordered that and a margherita pizza. While perusing the menu, I noticed that it had the date printed on it. I asked about it, and the waitress told me that they keep their menu seasonal, and update it daily.

Coltivare 2

The food was amazing. The cauliflower was the best I've ever had (Sorry, Backstreet Cafe. The cauliflower steak you used to have on your menu has moved to second place.) It was perfectly salty, and paired with pine nuts and yellow raisins. Our pizza was perfect too. I'm not a huge fan of super cheesy pizza, so the minimal cheese was great. And if you've followed me for a while, you know my deep love for sweet basil. I mean... look at the picture. I was in heaven. We ate every bite.

We finished off with their fancy version of milk and cookies. It had an assortment of cookies to dip in frothy, warm chocolate hazelnut milk.

We were expecting our bill to be crazy, but were surprised to see that we spent less here than we would have at Torchy's Tacos.

We will definitely be coming back.

Have you tired Coltivare? What did you think? Leave me a comment below.

Coltivare 3320 White Oak Dr Houston, TX 77007