Day 2 - 9 Things About Me

1. I am slightly obsessed with Kathryn Budig. 2. I read books about English grammar for fun. As a Communications major with an English minor, I love understanding grammar. The day I got my 2012 AP Stylebook in the mail, I did a little jig. I follow @GrammarGirl on Twitter and have read several of her books and countless blogs of hers.

3. I haven't eaten meat since I was 8 years old. It was a normal day. I was eating chicken nuggets and watching Animal Planent. For the first time, it clicked. I was eating a chicken. I loved animals of all kinds and I couldn't believe that I was eating one. I told my mom that I couldn't eat meat anymore. She thought I would get over it with time. Nope. I was a vegetarian from then on. My first year in college, I went vegan. #noregrets

4. I work best at coffee shops. Not to say that I can't get stuff done in the office or at home, but I am so much more productive in a coffee shop. Something about the atmosphere makes me motivated to work. I think it may have to do with the fact that I studied in coffee shops all through college. I don't do well in isolation.

5. I will be certified to teach yoga this Sunday (as long as I pass the test).

6. Nothing calms me down after a long day like a bubble bath with Iron and Wine on Pandora.

7. I LOVE snail mail.

8. I'm currently reading the Walking Dead. It is a graphic novel about a group of strangers in a world overrun by zombies. It's better/more interesting than other zombie related stories because of the focus on character development. The show is more about the survivors' lives than it is about killing walkers. Some strive to keep their humanity and others completely lose it. AMC made a TV series about it. It's really good, you guys.

9. I would much rather buy expensive yoga pants than expensive jeans. You can find a good pair of jeans for a relatively cheap price, but you can't find a good pair of yoga pants for less than $70. I like yoga pants that fit like a second skin and don't show my behind to everyone in the room when I bend over. Evaluating sheerness is very important. Lululemon Wunder Unders-- totally worth it. Anthropologie Jeans-- not worth it.