Day 3 - 8 Things that Cross My Mind a Lot

1. I bet I could veganize that! When I see a friend or family member eating something that they love or that looks tasty, I start thinking about how I could make it vegan. A lot of my food pins on Pinterest are not vegan but I know I could make them vegan. I'm sure of it! 2. How can I fit ______ into my schedule today? I'm a serial overbooker. Ever since I was a kid, I've been running from one thing to the next without stopping. I remember changing clothes in the car while eating french fries in between a dance performance and a piano recital.

3. That's tweet/instagram worthy. I love social media, both for personal and professional use. Being connected to the topics and people I'm interested in helps to update, motivate, inspire, and inform me. I hope my followers feel the same way about my posts. Sharing is caring, people.

4. Ok. If I practice inversions at __a.m. then lift weights at __p.m. then run at __p.m., I will only have to shower once today, but if I move that around, I'll have to shower two or three times. These exact words may not be word for word what goes through my head, but I definitely do think about how to take the fewest amount of showers per day (I always take at least one). It's not that I don't enjoy showering, but that it is a waste of time, waste of toiletries, my hair takes forever to dry, and I hate having to put on makeup multiple times a day. I'd much rather just take one.

5. Aww cool! They used the Oxford comma there! I use Oxford comma consistently. It often eliminates confusion and I'd rather use it all the time than just some of the time when a sentence is confusing. I always notice whether people do or do not use it. I definitely notice when they aren't consistent. That's the worst.

6. How could I do that better? Being the competitive person that I am, I love a challenge. I want to excel in everything I do, whether it be yoga, marketing, writing, running, etc. I want to do more. I want to surprise even myself. I want my boss to be impressed. I want to see what all my body can do!

7. Money. Just in general, I worry about money a lot. More than I probably need to because I do have a great job. I literally wake up in a sweat from panic dreams about it. I just want to do the right thing and be smart about money. Oh and, you know, I'd like to own a home someday.

8. My endless lists. I'm a girl. What do you expect? I have a home list, a work list, a personal list, a relationship list, a church list, a fitness list, a grocery list, and it goes on and on. I can't function without lists, whether mental or written down, but they really stress me out sometimes.