Day 4 - 7 Workouts I Love

I try to make a point to sweat every day. Exercise is such a core part of my life that my day doesn't feel complete without something that is physically challenging. Here are some of my favorite ways to break a sweat: 1. Running. This is where my fitness journey started. I ran track in middle school and some of high school. I ran the 400, the 300m hurdles, and the 4x400 relay (as the anchor leg). In an effort to avoid the freshman 15, I started running long distance my first year in college. I signed up for my first race (the Houston full marathon) my sophomore year. I have been running since.

2. Yoga. I came into yoga hesitantly after getting a running injury. I was inflexible and didn't have great balance. I started with Kathryn Budig's Aim True DVD. I wanted to practice at home to avoid embarrassment. I fell in love. Yoga is now my most prominent fitness passion. It's funny how these things happen. With practice, I've improved so much. I'm particularly interested in inversions. They make me feel so good!

3. Weight Training. I lift 3 times a week: chest, shoulders, triceps on Tues; back and biceps on Thurs; legs on Fri. I do squats and abs every time. Lifting weights has drastically improved my yoga practice, especially with inversions and arm balances.

4. Spin. Spin is a really fun and simple way to sweat. The teachers are super energetic and encouraging.

5. TRX. TRX is suspension training using nothing but your body weight and some ropes. It is really difficult, as it works muscles you don't normally use. You create deeper angles for more of a challenge.

6. HITT: High Intensity Interval Training. This can be done on your own, in a class, or with a DVD. I personally love the Insanity DVD set.

7. Swimming. I am not a good swimmer which is probably why this is such a good workout for me. I learned how to freestyle a couple years ago. I can only swim 3 laps in a row right now, but I'll get better!

What're your favorites?