Day 7 - 4 Reasons Why I Love Houston


1. Because it's in Texas :)

2. The Heights/Montrose area. A lot of people think of Houston as being boring and all business. They are so wrong. Young people are coming to Houston because we have jobs. People like those, right? What has grown from this influx of young job seekers is a new vibe. The Heights is like a smaller, cleaner Austin-- with less traffic. Little mom and pop shops line the streets in cute, colored houses. There are really chill bars and coffee shops. The Montrose/Midtown area has grown younger too!

3. The hipster scene. They think we don't have the music of Austin or the shopping of Dallas. They think all we have is NASA. False. There is a HUGE, emerging art scene in Houston. We have world-class art Museums and little galleries tucked into our streets. The hipster scene also means vegan-friendly restaurants and grocery stores!

4. The access to healthcare facilities. People fly from all over the world to come to Houston's Med Center and MD Anderson Cancer Center. I'm not sickly right now, but I know that one day me or someone I love will be. At that time, I will be so thankful for the proximity of quality physicians.