Days 8-10

Two things: 1. I'm really bad at posting every day. 2. This challenge is less interesting than I thought it would be. To save space and time, I'm just going to finish up today. Day 8: 3 Favorite Foods

  1. Tomatos, carrots, and kale tossed in oil and vinegar with sea salt and fresh sweet basil
  2. Avocado-- just in general
  3. The cauliflower steak they used to serve at Backstreet Cafe in Houston. If you get time, please write a complaint note and ask them to bring it back (I've already written 3). Roasted cauliflower over a bed of mixed grains with a side salad. Gosh. Yum.

Day 9: 2 Emotions that Describe My Life Right Now

  1. Thankful-- I have a really beautiful life. I have a great husband and family, a wonderful job, a sweet dog, the best friends, and a lifestyle that makes my body feel good. I'm very thankful for where God has me right now.
  2. Striving-- I'm not sure if that is an emotion, but I think it creates an emotion that I don't know how to describe. I try really hard at what I do. I want to grow and excel in everything: yoga, work, being a wife, grammar, organizational skills, etc.

Day 10: 1 Confession

  1. I straight up guessed on 18 (out of 100) questions on my yoga written test. It was really hard. I feel like I didn't study the correct things because it was heavily focused on the things that I, frankly, don't care too much about. There was a lot of lineage/history stuff and questions about specific chakras and sheaths. I don't believe in that kind of stuff so I just memorized the basics. I didn't realize how detailed the test would be about all of that. I hope I still passed.