DIY 12-Week Workout Calendar

I'm the type of person who wants to plan at least 3 months out. I thrive on lists. Having a plan helps keep me on track and motivated. If you're anything like me, you're going to love this idea. 

Matt and I are currently following Kris Gethin's 12-Week trainer (from for our strength workouts. We've done this program before, and we're usually really good about getting all of our workouts in. 

Earlier this month, when I wasn't getting results that I wanted from my fitness program, I started making note of how often I was skipping workouts, actually doing cardio, and eating "cheat meals." It was WAY more than I thought it was. What felt like infrequent slip ups, was actually somewhat regular. I needed a better system to organize my mind and help me keep up with everything. 

I decided that planning it out would be my best bet, but since we sometimes swap a longer workout for a shorter one (because of work/life schedules), I wanted something somewhat flexible. 

The visibility of a poster on the wall was really appealing to me, so I started there. With a sharpie marker and a measuring tape, I made a 12-week calendar grid with the extra space to the right for weekly weigh ins. I documented our goals and start weights at the top. 

 M is for Matt, B is for Bridget

M is for Matt, B is for Bridget

Then I decided that instead of writing directly on the poster, I would write on sticky notes so that stuff could be flexible. The little, colorful stickies worked best because it would allow me to have different categories. 

I organized the colors like this:

  • green = strength training (Gethin workouts)
  • pink = low intensity steady state cardio (LISS, like running or swimming)
  • yellow = high intensity interval training (HIIT, like burpees or sprints)
  • orange = cheat meals

I plotted the green Gethin workouts as he laid them out in his plan, then I plotted 3 LISS, 3 regular HIIT, and 1 sprint workout each week. I did not plot cheat meals in advance, rather I kept the stickies nearby so that I could plan to have 1 cheat meal a week and document it with the orange stickies. 

I left the regular HIIT and LISS plots blank so that I can write them as we do them -- I like that flexibility, but if you're training for a race or something, you could plot distance runs in advance. 

This is the first week we've used this system, but I like it SO much. The color coding and the organization makes my heart happy :)

Question of the day:

  • How do you keep your workouts organized? Do you write them down in a planner or do you use a mobile app?