DIY Mountain Mural for Nursery


We've started working on baby's nursery! His room will be a mountain/woodsy/camping theme, and we're so excited about it. When we moved into our house, we painted basically the entire thing hues of white and grey, and we ended up with a lot of leftover paint. We actually didn't have to buy any new paint to make this mural, which was awesome because paint is expensive. 

Neither of us are artists, by any means, and this mural was actually quite easy. It took the greater part of a day to finish it, but that was mostly because there was a lot of waiting for coats of paint to dry. 


  • Painter's Tape
  • Drop cloth
  • BEHR Paint (White) - Bit of Sugar, Matte
  • BEHR Paint (Top Layer Light Grey) - Heath Gray, Matte
  • BEHR Paint (Bottom Layer Dark Grey) - Anonymous, Matte
  • Paint brush
  • Paint roller
  • Paint trays

The first step is just preparing the area. We just had new laminate wood floors installed, so we were extra careful to protect them as we were painting. We laid a drop cloth and taped it to the baseboards. Matt also added a roll of what looks like butcher paper at the edge, beneath the drop cloth. 

We removed outlet covers and taped over the outlets. We also taped the edges of the mural wall and the top of the first layer of mountains. 

I didn't follow a pattern at all for these mountains. Just tried to make it look randomized, like it would in nature. 

Once the area was taped, we painted the first layer about a foot down from the bottom of the tape, using Heath Gray. I used a paint brush for this entire section and let it dry completely between the two layers I painted. 


After the first section was completely dry, I taped off the second section. Again, I wanted these mountains to be asymmetrical and randomized. I also wanted there to be a few points where the peaks second section went above the first section. For this row of mountains, I mixed 50/50 Heath Gray and Anonymous for a nice medium grey. Again, I painted about a foot down from the tape with a paint brush and did two coats.


Once that row of mountains was completely dry, I taped the bottom row. Again, I let two of the peaks go above the previous row. For this section, I used Anonymous and did the top edge with a paint brush and then to the bottom of the wall with a paint roller.


After two coats of the bottom row had dried, I taped off the snow caps, one per row. Because the background of this wall is already Bit of Sugar, and I didn't want to repaint the entire wall, I actually mixed a little bit of my 50/50 mixture into Bit of Sugar for a slightly off-white hue. I did the caps with a paint brush, and actually did 3 layers of paint to ensure full coverage atop the greys.


And voila! That's it!

If you use this tutorial, please send me a photo of how your mountains turn out. You could post them in the comments below. I'd love to see them!