Don't blow your diet with vacation days

dont blow your diet

Today's post is by a new friend, Kendra Thornton. Enjoy, and leave her some comment love!!


Is anything more exciting to plan than a well-deserved vacation? It's one of the best times for any individual or family to get away and start enjoying life outside of work and restrictions. Speaking of restrictions, diets and fitness are part of the vacation planning too. If you are trying to maintain a weight level or even want to lose weight, diets don't go on vacation and neither does your body's health. I have unfortunately drifted from my diets while on vacation and found myself very disappointed at the setbacks when I come home from my magical land of no restrictions. These are some ways to get through the vacation splendor and maintain your fitness wisdom.

1. Bring Along the Goods

The "goods" are snack foods that are healthy and delicious for you. Whether you like fruits, veggie sticks, granola or nuts, there are some obvious choices that are better than the cheeseburgers and fries you'll find on the road. By packing my favorite snacks, I save calories while keeping my stomach happy. It definitely wouldn't be if I filled it with greasy food and revved up for another hundred miles with a bloated belly. Packing snacks also saves money and time.

2. Work in a Run

Going for a walk or run while on vacation is a must. If you are headed to some place new, you should investigate where the best trails are and start looking for places to work out while on vacation. You can take a hike. Go for a fun run on the beach or take a friend for a walk around a historic part of town. You should always plan to do some physical fitness activity every day while on vacation even if it's something small like yoga or jumping jacks in the morning before any adventures.

3. Pack Your Own Water

Water is essential for losing weight and maintaining hydration. When you're on the road, you can get dehydrated quickly. Why do you think a single bottle of water at a gas station can cost the same as a case of water at your local grocery store? It's better to pack water ahead and bring a cooler with you that you can fill with ice, since that's always pretty cheap.

Traveling is one of my favorite activities. These few tips are things I will be using while on our upcoming family trip to Orlando. We always like to book places that have a quality gym and with so many hotels in Orlando, this can get a bit overwhelming. Sites like Gogobot make it easy to sift through all these hotels and narrow them down to the ones that are actually the right fit. Maintaining your diet and fitness can be simple while on vacation if you do it right.



My name is Kendra Thornton, I am 40 and the mother 3 kids. Before being promoted to the position of full time mom I was the Director of Communications at Orbitz. I now live in Chicago where my family is my number one priority.

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Tomorrow, I'm posting about workouts that you can do while you're on vacation. They don't require any equipment. Stay tuned!