Estes Park - Alberta Falls Hike

  • Trail: Alberta Falls
  • Location: Glacier Gorge in Estes Park
  • Distance: 1.7 miles round trip
  • Time: 2 hours round trip -- casually hiking
  • Elevation Gain: 200ft
  • Highest Elevation: 9400ft
  • Difficulty: Very Easy

One of Matt's friends from high school was visiting Denver this past weekend, so we ended up hanging out with a bunch of guys from his glory days at Cy-Fair High in Texas. Whenever anyone visits, we pretty much always plan to go to a brewery and take them on a hike. The guys went to Coors in Golden (I stayed home that day), and then we did this little, but beautiful, hike in Estes Park. 

It was raining in Boulder that day, so I wasn't sure if we were still even planning to do the hike. I wore converse, but packed my micro spikes just in case. My brother-in-law used his fancy weather skills and figured out that if we drove up to Estes, we'd miss the rain. I didn't feel confident about that because it was pouring in Boulder, but everyone else did, so we made the drive up there. 

He was totally right. It was dry in Estes Park. I put on my micro spikes basically as soon as we got onto the trail and was so happy that I brought them. The trail was snowed over in a lot of places, and it actually snowed a bit more while we were out there. 

Being almost halfway through my pregnancy, I was pretty happy we picked an easy hike. Plus, I knew that I had BolderBoulder coming up on Monday. I was extra cautious with my footing and when crossing over streams, so that I wouldn't slip and fall. 

The falls were roaring!!


The trail goes on further past the falls, but it was completely snowed over to where snow shoes & trekking poles would be completely essential. 

I'd highly recommend this one for an easy hike. It's kid-friendly too, especially in warmer months.